About OTENTO  - Corporate Philosophy - Otento (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. aims to share Japanese farm culture and spirit come from the earliest times with people who live in all over the world. “Otento” means sun in Japanese language written by “お天道” which means the way to heaven. Japanese farmers sincerely respect “Otento” from the earliest times and have life along with “Otento”. “Otento” bless farmers who live in all over the world equally, there is no border. Our corporate philosophy goes with this respectable “Otento”.

Company Profile

Otento (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was established on March 6, 2007, in order to develop agricultural business in Thailand in harmony with Japanese farm techniques. We are the group company with agricultural producer’s cooperative corporation “ Wagoen“, leading agricultural cooperative corporations in Japan. Wagoen creates the modern model of agricultural business in Japan.
We produce Japanese style farming products in Thailand with Japanese farm techniques which come from Wagoen and would like to share our delicious and safety farm products with consumers. Moreover, we also import agricultural products from Japan in order to provide consumers with the new favorite choice.

Wagoen farmers<br />
 and The head office of Wagoen, Chiba, Japan

Wagoen farmers and The head office of Wagoen, Chiba, Japan

Company name Otento(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Establishment March 6, 2007
President Kenji Masaki
Operations Production and sale of Japanese style farm products, wholesale of Japanese farm products, direct sale of products.
Main customer Mass retailers, Restaurant chain, Hotels, Direct sale members
Main country to import and export Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore.
Group Company Agricultural producer’s cooperative corporation “Wagoen” http://www.wagoen.com/