Think Globally! Act Locally!

Connecting through agriculture

OTENTO connect producer and consumer
with global perspective and local focusing

Our mission

Our mission is to develop agriculture for connecting it to the future by diversity.

“OTENTO” is named as the goal for developing sustainable agricultural business model which friendly to global environment and doing community-based action brilliantly from a global perspective in a way of viewing the earth from the sun while focusing on the local.

We cooperate with Agricultural Cooperative at Tha Yang district, Phetchaburi province at lower central of Thailand to do banana project. Also, we have developed and producing high quality tomato together with a Thai farmer at Chiangmai province, northern of Thailand and deliver it to customers mainly in Bangkok.

By exposing the sun (“OTENTO” in Japanese) light which is blessings of nature, We work toward creating new agricultural business model with connecting farmers’ wisdom and latest agricultural technology, together with local associates. We continuously innovate to aim for sustainable agriculture to harmony with the people, the local communities and the global environment.